Why does jadeite preserve value?

Character and craft characteristics, jade's essence, gas, and God are incomparable to any other jade. Whether it is the color of the green and the lustrous and the lust of the gods, it reveals the unique aura of jade, which makes people love it. Jade has no value. Ask your feelings. This is the factor of the human background. The value of jade is related to the spiritual life of people's material life. The closer the relationship, the more value there is. Jade jewelry is both a material product and a spiritual product. When food and clothing is solved, people must pursue spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, the value of jadeite is closely related to economic development. Since the number of jadeites is almost constant, and with the development of the economy, people's purchasing power is a variable that tends to infinity. It is no wonder that a piece of art that was worth only a bowl of rice a hundred years ago has now risen to millions and millions. Dollar. Artwork will gradually become an important investment target for investors, and the price increase can be larger than real estate. Therefore, there should be sufficient confidence in the preservation of jadeite. Jade has the reputation of "the king of jade" in jade. Emerald is an emerald jadeite. It is a basic pyroxene in monoclinic pyroxene. Often microscopic crystalline dense, interwoven with numerous fibrous auspicious crystals. In fact, "red is green, green is green", so jade is not necessarily green. However, the red jade is rarely and far less popular and precious than the green jade, so the jade is a special word for green jade. There are many kinds of green jade, which can be divided into green, grape green, green, bean green and green. And emerald green, which is best with emerald green. A piece of jade is usually green all the way. In addition to the part of the emerald, the part of the other color is called “ground”, and the color of “ground” is “white, gray, yellow, black, blue, purple, blue, lake green”. color. The bigger the jade, the bigger the better. High-quality jadeite should have four conditions of “Cuihao”, “water is good”, “good land” and “perfect perfection”. "Cui Hao" is Cui De "rich, yang, positive, and". "Concent" is thick and not light, like banana leaves and holly leaves after rain, green; "yang" is bright and bright without darkness; "positive" is emerald green without variegated; "and" is even green without The deep line. The word "water is good" is also called "fever". It means that the texture is delicate and the body is thorough, and the luster is crystal clear and dignified. “Good land” refers to the “land” that is set off against the emerald. It is best to use “lake green land”, “couple powder ground”, “shrimp meat land” and “white bean land”; “bean green land” and “purple land” ", "Green and White" followed; "Lime", "Taro", "Cats" is the worst. “Perfectly good” means no cracks, cracks, no impurities and other colors, and the weight is suitable. Natural jade is mainly produced in Burma, with the best of “Old Mountain Pit” jade and “water skin” jade. The locals call it “water”.

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