Yang Mi "Little Era" is about to be released EMINU "By Mimu" women's drama out of color

Recently, adapted from the novel of the same name Guo Jingming "Little Era" movie version has been broadcast. In the play, four important actresses supported the whole movie. Yang Mi, Guo Caini, Guo Biting and Tang Wan became the skeleton figures in the play. They played the part of friendship extended from high school. Yang Mi popular actress plays high school Linxiao role in the play, wearing EMINU " according to Mino" small fresh women's interpretation is particularly outstanding, vivid interpretation of high school Lin Xiao this role.

依米奴 - EMINU

High school is a youth, full of fantasy and simple era, while Yang Mi plays the high school version of "Lin Xiao" role is a very fresh girl. Yang Mi in the play wearing EMINU "according to Mino" white shirt, with a gray frilly skirt, showing a very pure fresh natural sense, with a slightly irregular bangs and hair tail naturally flowing hair, set off out It is full of youthful playful fashion sense.

杨幂《小时代》即将上映 EMINU“依米奴”女装剧中出彩

In the past two years, the appearance rate of Yang Mi has become more and more frequent, and she always gives a glimpse of everyone's presence. Because of their own high sense of fashion, she, of course, a set of dressing you, for the beauty of girls, her dress will not go exaggerated with the line, very learn. Below the power of Yang wearing an EMINU "according to Mino" printed dress with a fashion sense, not only stylish but also possession of fat Oh!

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