And "Di Fenna" with the pursuit of comfortable simple, happy lifestyle

Affected by good family education and oriental traditional culture, they have a stable source of income, have a positive attitude to life, and have a good sense of family and social responsibility. They share the same values ​​with Devena : Implicit, graceful and insensitive , The pursuit of comfortable, simple, happy lifestyle!


Delicate flowers blooming in the soft pink, the more beautiful and feminine make-up. Soft, skin-friendly lace fabric brings a comfortable wearing experience, drop-shaped cup double pulling effect, and the breasts easily gather together to create a charming cleavage.


Classic 3/4-die cup effectively gather outside the chest to expand the fat, invisible steel circle fit curve, like hands gently hold the chest, and side than the role of soft glue, the underarm excess fat and fuck locked in the cup Inside, give you beautiful back lines.

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