Retro light fashion DEPOT 3 will be unveiled in Shenzhen Trade Fair

Light fashion like light music, not high fashion high, is to simplify the practical version, but at the same time pay attention to the original design, pay attention to the choice of fabric, pay attention to the comfort of clothes. Now many urban youth living and working dress blurring, focusing on Mix & Match, consumers demand also contributed to a particular clothing brand, designer brand DEPOT3 is so. July 11-13, the annual Shenzhen Fair will be opened as scheduled, then, competing clothing major brands debut, will bring us a visual feast. DEPOT 3, a pioneer in youth fashion, will also be unveiling the show to express its youthful attitude for the new year. Next, we follow the DEPOT3 brand creative director Mr. Wan Yi explain, feel in advance DEPOT 3 retro fashion attitude. Retro light fashion, daily wear for urban youth Adds another choice DEPOT3 is a city casual, is a little retro light fashion brand. "Light fashion is like light music, not high fashion is so high, is to simplify the practical version, but at the same time pay attention to the original design, pay attention to the choice of fabric, pay attention to the comfort of the clothes." Mr. Wan Yi defined the concept of light fashion. At present, the dress boundaries of urban youth living and working in China are vague, but the demand for clothing is still unchanged, that is, there are urban casual clothes of good quality. And DEPOT3 is MADE FOR YOU, which emphasizes originality and quality while learning the classic, advocates Mix & Match dress idea, so that DEPOT3 in their own clothing, there are also very suitable and some other styles of brand mix and match. It can be said that DEPOT3 adds another option to the everyday wear and tear of urban youth in China. LOFT space, giving consumers a place where freedom of breath as a brand and consumer direct communication bridge, the most intuitive communication of the brand concept. "I hope DEPOT3 terminal image to consumers is not contrived .As the brand name, DEPOT3 design terminal concept is pop artist's studio, in fact, LOFT space has always been my favorite and familiar place, I also hope In the brand terminal to our customers to provide such a free atmosphere. " DEPOT 3 Booth No .: Hall 1 E02-E03 Address: Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Show time: July 11-13 10: 00-17: 30 Tel:-83641473 http: :

Infrared thermometer is a measurement tool that USES the principle of radiation to measure the body temperature. The infrared sensor it USES only absorbs the infrared radiation of human body and does not emit any rays to the outside world. It senses the body temperature through non-contact methods. The infrared thermal radiation of the human body is focused on the detector, and the detector converts the radiated power into an electrical signal, which can be displayed in units of temperature after the ambient temperature is compensated. After starting the machine, just point the probe to the center of the front forehead -- above the brow and keep it vertical. The measuring area should not be blocked by hair. If there is sweat, wipe it off, distance from the forehead is recommended to be about 3-5cm. Press the measurement button and the measurement data can be obtained in a few seconds. Ningbo Younker non-contact infrared thermometer is relatively safe and accurate, suitable for the elderly, children, hospitals, families, and public places to use.


Infrared thermometer:

 1. Name: Infrared thermometer

 2. Measurement distance: 3-5cm

 3. Measure Range: 35-42℃

 4. Size: normal size

 5. Printing method: Silk Screen Print,Roller Print,Heat Transfer Print

 6. Measure Unit: Fahrenheit/Centigrade switchable digital thermometer

 7. Color: White, Blue,Purple

 8. Logo: Accept Customized Logo

 9. Usage: non contact forehead

10. Accuracy: ±0.3℃

11. MOQ: 3000PCS

12. OEM/ODM: Accept

13.Certificate: CE,FDA,ISO ETC

Infrared Thermometre

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