Seven wolves men's clothing store in Danyang, Xinmin East Road grand opening

Classic men's brand "seven wolves" in Danyang, Jiangsu has opened a new store! The address is on the west side of Xinmin Road Ma Xiang Men Bridge. Opened during the anniversary discount bargain, a 20% off, 2 7% off, shopping over 999 sent value of 99 wolves National General VIP card! We warmly welcome Danyang pro visit seven wolves Xinmin East Road shop! With the new season of advertising blockbuster, Septwolves men announced the arrival of new members once again: China good sound new mentor Wang Feng officially joined with Feng Shao Feng, Li Chen, Zhang Han Yu, Honglei endorsements "character men's clothing," a common interpretation of "Chinese-style fashion lifestyle". Septwolves men further set off in the mainland men's market brand influence. From seven wolves character wardrobe, you can naturally feel the truth! Character, has always been a multifaceted term, it is a way of life, it is a kind of spiritual embodiment, it is an inherent temperament rest, and performance in the outside, it is high-end clothing tastes elegant style of conversation. For character celebrities, it is not just a profound knowledge of rest, not just fashion embellishment, but also the pursuit of enjoyment and life.


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