The higher realm of microblogging marketing - beyond fans

[China Glass Network] Weibo is like a small town, like a country bar. Many people are communicating there. All the conversations are unrestrained. You can hear all the conversations that are going on on Weibo at a certain moment. Once people stay on Weibo for a while and settle down, they will pay attention to conversations that are more relevant to them. How to grasp the user's psychology for microblogging marketing, this is an interesting topic.

Enterprises to carry out microblogging marketing to the present, pay more attention to the number of fans of the company's Weibo account? Instead of focusing more on the user's psychology and interaction with fans. The number of fans and the number of forwarders may be just clouds. It is the beginning of Weibo marketing to read the real “opinion leader” through Weibo.

Some companies may not understand that fans and users may not be the same thing. The company's Weibo marketing activities can certainly win the attention of many users. However, few people have noticed that the restaurants around the Zhongguancun Ideal International Building have also opened an account on Weibo. At lunch time, Sina’s staff will tell them to order food, and the latter will often update the dishes in the store. information. The process is very simple, and the results are enough to make many big companies who are trying to microblogging red eyes: precise arrival rate and high conversion rate.

These small businesses don't have many fans, but the fans are all customers; their Weibo forwarding and comments are far from being compared with the official accounts of big companies, and the number of @ is limited, but every time is @@ It is possible to complete an order. At present, the operation and maintenance ideas of many enterprise microblogs are usually: to build influence - to reach the target customers - to turn attention into sales behavior. The influence of the official microblog of the enterprise has four metrics: the number of followers, the number of times the message was forwarded, the number of times the user was @, and the number of times the message was commented. The first three data mainly depend on the breadth of volume communication, and more comments can increase the frequency and depth of interaction, so the number of comments can be used to examine the depth of communication. How to increase the influence of corporate Weibo, and promote more active communication, and the number of times that are forwarded and been @?

Durex's official Weibo early fans were less than 50,000 hours (now 240,000 fans), frequently detonating microblogging topics, making the actual impact of this account far exceeds the number of fans of its official account. As early as April 12 this year, Sina grassroots microblogging "homework" made a spoof microblog: "People who sleep a little before tonight, pregnant." Durex official microblogging immediately through keyword search and trace, Leave a comment: "I have it! Nothing!!" This Weibo laughed at everyone including the homework. The two related microblogs, which then included the homework reply and forwarded, were forwarded more than 6,000 times. In addition to interacting with fans on their own accounts, Durex official microblogs frequently leave traces on other celebrity accounts, most of which are related content, and respond to humorous and humorous, winning many high-quality fans.

For products such as Durex, marketing in traditional media is limited, so Durex has invested a lot of resources in the operation and maintenance of Weibo. Its Weibo team, which is not only a fan, but not a screen, but an interactive and active, has won a lot of influence for Durex's official Weibo. According to Durex's official Weibo, their content was forwarded and @number nearly 200,000, and the number of times that were forwarded and @ was mostly caused by Durex's friendly exchange with other celebrities. This shows that opinion leaders are no longer celebrities but groups. Social media users have a clear decentralization feature, and the operation of Weibo accounts must learn to “beyond fans”.

On Sina Weibo, a series of activities of Vanke Eslite's official Weibo also earned the attention of the public: grab the floor to send an anniversary T-shirt; participate in the pencil exchange school activities; 1 yuan spike the original price of 888 yuan clothes; pull Yao Haohe Xu Jinglei interacts with VANCL products; please come to Han Han and Wang Ludan as the spokesperson of Vanke Eslite; the later spokesperson Huang Xiaoming said, “Yes, I am not acting, notatall, I am a guest.” This sentence was the director of Tencent Technology Center. Cheng Pufeng analyzed it in one of his microblogs, and this microblog was forwarded nearly 800 times.

Weibo is in an era of communication. One of the major changes in the era of communication that is different from the era of communication is that at the forefront of business, companies that interact with customers must make more decisions at a faster rate. As a B2C enterprise, Vanke is characterized by strong interactivity, and Weibo has successfully replicated this.

Smart companies, not requests, attract people to actively participate in analysis and dissemination. This is a higher-level microblogging marketing than those that send gifts by adding attention. Ideas based on brand positioning can attract people to automatically follow and spread, while topic class information seems to last longer than the promotion life of promotional information. Weibo marketing is just a later part of the creative.

In the marketing world, the creative school was once overwhelmed by the data. The latter believes that creative-dependent marketing campaigns are difficult to replicate and cannot be industrialized, and that marketing based on databases and algorithms is more accurate. Therefore, on Weibo, many companies are striving to “turn Weibo into a person. Make Weibo a brand friend and find and influence their true kind.

Many companies are no longer limited to using a single Weibo account on Weibo. Instead, it operates in a microblogging matrix. For example, set up Weibo accounts through different functions and departments, set up accounts according to sub-brands, and set up accounts according to spokespersons including executives. This is the basis for conducting precise marketing. Enterprise Weibo doesn't have to worry too much about the number of fans. As long as you have enough creativity and energy to ignite the enthusiasm of Weibo players, all Weibo players may automatically and spontaneously serve your communication.

In general, in the era of communication, Weibo is a broadcasting tool as well as a chat tool. If a company wants to get a good impression on Weibo, then it will fade away the cold mask of the merchant, and have personality, taste and thinking like a human being.

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