"Laughter laugh" children's clothing brand 6 stores with the official start of the "business worry-free" strategic plan

Children's clothing brand - "laughter" officially launched the "business worry-free" strategic plan ----- Guiyang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Mianyang 6 stores opened at the same time! Paris, France romantic fashion design tone, children's wear at home and abroad top design team, several incredible retail performance myth, a let the world children are put it down the rise of the brand, popular ,,,,,, 20 years of product design culture precipitation , 12 years of brand agency champion carefully built, five years of retail top experts careful confirmation, a noise, the magnificent children's wear brand - Laughter, officially launched the sweeping China, covering 200 flagship stores across the country, 1000 success Store strategic plan! October 8, to create the Chinese children's clothing brand as the goal, to create a children's empire for the mission of children's clothing brand [Laughter] stores in Guiyang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Mianyang, Dazhou, the key for the opening of six new stores, opening day Held a grand large-scale live show, opening gift package presented activities, copy and make full use of the "laughter" scientific product portfolio + excellent display practices + human services + outstanding staff, goods, store management = champion business model, as the headquarters of " Business worry-free "strategic plan was officially launched, the unified planning of the opening activities, the opening day of six shops dignified, frequent high frequency record, Guiyang shop 8,000 yuan, Chengdu shop 10,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan in Chongqing shop, Dazhou shop 8,000 yuan, the key for the shop 6,000 yuan, an impressive record of more than marking the "business worry-free" strategic plan has taken the first step successfully! Advantages 1: Scientific and perfect product planning (Laughter laughs with time racing, kissing with fashion, and children love): [Laughter] every quarter quarterly quick release of more than 200 new boutique, to seize the initiative to win the day, planning a sensation every quarter The national calendar of small celebrity solicitation activities, and children love fashion, show the needs of individual love together, and others, and every quarter of Paris, France romantic fashion design lead children's clothing trend. Advantage 2: Innovative strategic planning (the correct strategic layout determines the outcome of our brand, cheer seven planning) [Laughter] in the implementation of the product 7S certification system: 1 positioning differences 2 style fashion 3 design front 4 Price Volkswagen 5 Fine workmanship 6, elegant fabrics 7, excellent version, the successful implementation of the marketing strategy of the big shop, occupy the geographical advantage (Huaqiang North average 200,000 monthly performance, Haiya Department Store an average of 12 million monthly performance, Chenzhou an average of 300000 results ), [Laughter laughter] re-design, quality, heavy terminal, heavy customer interests, the first fight in marketing strategy, creating the only win in the brand and create win-win. Advantage 3: conference promotion, store promotions and advertising media publicity combined with the full implementation of the effectiveness of promotional strategies (wine is also afraid alley deep, air promotion and landing promote both hands, both hands hard) [Laughter] full integration of media resources , The use of the network, print media, television media to promote a full range of brands, planning large-scale new conference twice a year. In the store management, supervisors conducted in-depth investigations, met the theme, set goals, effectively deployed, developed excellent planning programs, and launched effective promotional activities. Advantage 4: Champion's business model and retail Myths Entrepreneur's successful experience Copy: (successful business model is the core competitiveness of the copy is the simplest action) [Laughter laugh fish] to create a monthly rent of 400 yuan shop 300,000 Above the incredible myth, [laughter laughter] to create a scientific product portfolio + excellent display practices + human services + outstanding staff, goods, store management = champion business model, [laughter laughter] partners "whole shop output" , Combined with nanny escort services, allowing you to operate more confidence and determination. Advantage 5: all-round support: (caring service, dedicated support, sincerely help customers profit is the fundamental enterprise development) [Laughter laugh] From the business district, site selection, investment assessment, opening planning, opening site assistance, on-site Training to logistics system support, supervision and customer service tracking service, vigorously promote the "business worry-free" strategy. Advantage 6: low threshold, preferential policies, support for large: (Rangli customers, customers make money, the brand can be bigger and bigger) [Laughter] free waive franchise fees, agency fees, brand fees, service fees, management fees All miscellaneous fees, the implementation of low-discount supply, shelves returned, provided free of charge operating materials, opening overseeing on-site training, so partners venture peace of mind. Contact: Mr. Wu Brand Website:

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