"Eall.cz / Italy and Australia" women's fashion interpretation of the Seine trip

"Eall.cz" Italian fashion "women's fashion was born in the eighties of last century in the Renaissance capital of Florence, Italy. 2002 "Eall.cz / Italian Australia" fashion women began to enter the Chinese market, set up an office in Guangzhou, China to promote the "Eall.cz / Italian-Australia" women's fashion. And in 2005 another set up Iraq Zhuo costume design studio specializing in the operation of the Chinese market, operating their own Italian brand "Eall.cz / Italy and Australia."

意澳 - EALL.CZ

Yi Zhuo Clothing Co., Ltd. is a collection of women's brand design, production and sales as one of the professional fashion unit. The company has a united, efficient and professional personnel, have a first-class designers, professional technical force, excellent production and processing capacity and accurate ability of logistics and distribution.

"Eall.cz" is located in the city of 25-45 year-old fashion women, in the form of sets and a single product series introduced, with free and casual with space, in a calm, quiet and simple image show people . Vividly deduce the modern aesthetic exquisite, romantic and confident pursuit of fashion. So that products in revealing a handsome and capable at the same time, emitting a casual and comfortable casual .........

“Eall.cz/意澳”时尚女装  演绎塞纳河畔之旅

"Eall.cz / Italian-Australian" will bring a brand new simplicity, lightness, smoothness, comfort and freedom to modern urban women.

We attach great importance to the creation and maintenance of apparel brands and always regard the product quality, service quality and credit guarantee of foreign businesses as the lifeblood of our existence and development. We are willing to work with more new friends in the field of apparel together work together for common development, common progress and common glory!

“Eall.cz/意澳”时尚女装  演绎塞纳河畔之旅

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